Listed Date 27 Jun 2003

Address 26th-27th Floors,
Harcourt Building,
39 Gloucester Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone (8621) 5262-9922

Facsimile (8621) 5279-7976

Email [email protected]

HSCI 11,217.4 245.4
HKSPLC25 43,918.2 521.6
HKSPGEM 143.2 6.3
HSCEI 11,217.4 245.4
HSCCI 4,103.2 1.1
HSFML25 10,081.6 228.7
H-FIN 16,927.6 109.2
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Lianhua Supermarket Holdings Co.,Ltd. (the abbreviation is Lianhua Supermarket), is affiliation to Bailian Group which is a well-known state-owned enterprise in Shanghai. Lianhua Supermarket was founded in the May of 1991, based in Yangtze River Delta, focused on being an omni channel life retailer with local spirit, by integrating efficiency supply chain and supporting high quality category products in order to develop in China. Lianhua Supermarket become the first Chain & Franchise Retail supermarket which is listed in the main board of Hong Kong in 2003.There are many famous retail brands owned by Lianhua such as “Lianhua”, “Century mart”, ”Quik”, ”Hualian”,and “Wu An Shi Ji” which is a experiential supermarket, using rich categories and local servicing to meet consumer’s daily life requirements Lianhua Supermarket choose to use the strategy of developing different regions and muti format, nowadays Lianhua Supermarket have nearly 3500 stores and more than 40 thousands staff which is in the lead position of the retail industy.

Lianhua Supermarket has lots of honor in the past few years, and has won the first of “top 100 FMCG chain enterprises” for ten consecutive years Since 2017, Alibaba and Lianhua Supermarket have working on accelerating the integration of online and offline retail hand in hand, so as to realize the strategy of “Internet + Omni channel”. As the famous retail company in China, Lianhua Supermarket become the model of industry in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Lianhua Supermarket become the first group of “outdoor workers warmly relay stop”, hope to support the outdoor workers, which also participate in public welfare activities, give back to the society and join the poverty alleviation which using the idea of “consumption helps agriculture” to make it sustainable and accurate.

Retail industry is blooming nowadays, Lianhua Supermarket still use “people-oriented” as the core of company development, try to return to retail essence; using multi dimensions including brand driven, channel innovation, supply chain assurance etc., to finish the mission to offer better products, better experiences, and better living everyday in order to build the brand image and satisfied good life requirements’by consumers.

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